The deluxe apartment for rent along the Han riverside

This apartment for rent is located on Tran Hung Dao street, the beautiful street along the Han riverside. Living here you can feel the fresh air and beautiful view of the city. Also, you can catch the sunshine and the stunning view of Tran Thi Ly Street and the Han river from this property. It is close to the park full of green trees that you can do exercises or jog along the river.

Living in the fully furnished apartment

With the tone of blue and white, this apartment for rent will bring a feeling of cool and elegant. They decorate some trees and flowers, so you can enjoy the living environment is close to nature. Especially, the bedroom is separate from the kitchen, it keeps avoid the smell of food. It is equipped with many cooking utensils, so it is easy for you to prepare meals. Moreover, all facilities and furniture are new and modern that helps this property feel more pleasant.