Office for rent in the city centre on 55 Nguyen Van Linh, Hai Chau district.

  1. Building size:
    The building is luxuriously designed and modernly built by a prestigious Contractor and monitored by the Delta America Consulting Company.
    Total floors: 17 floors, total floor area: 5.100 m2.
    (Include: 1 basement, 1 floor hall – reception hall, 1 meeting room-hall and 14 floors for rent, 2 lifts and 2 escape stairs).
  • Floor area: 315 m2. Rental area: 155 m2, floor area: 210 m2, 225 m2 / floor.
  • Flexible leasing space at the request of customers.

2.Infrastructure and technical utility:

  • Mitsubishi Elevator System
  • Air conditioner system.
  • Modern communication system ensures continuously  24 hours a day operation
  • Power system is safe, high stability and 100% backup.
  • Automatic fire alarm system, emergency stairs at each floor
  • Sound system, announcement, music for the whole building.
  • 24-hour security control system, modern surveillance camera system
    Water supply and drainage system: full drainage system, running water
    Sanitary system: luxury
  • Each floor has separate toilets.

3. Office for rent price



AreaTotal Area for rent 100 m2
                             Price  (USD/m2/month)
07255 m²                               12
   Note: This price does not include 10% VAT (subject to change at each rent period)    )

4. Utilities and services

Utilities and services included in the rent price:

  • Ceiling fixtures include: electric, air-conditioner, speaker, fire protection, partition, glass door
    Lighting for public areas.
    Lifts operate continuously 24 / 24h.
  • Information system: ADSL port, telephone lines, electricity meter mounted to the rental area.
    Maintaining lighting system, air conditioner at premises for rent.
    Public toilet service.
    24-hour security, 7 days a week for the entire public
  • Utilities and services not included in the rent price:
    The electricity cost actually paid by the lessee at premises for rent.
    Telephone charges, Internet, television cable
    Cleaning services at the premises for rent
    Other services as agreed (translation, secretarial, administrative, meeting, customer conference …)

  5.Business policy

Rent term: minimum 24 months, free installation time for office 15 days from the handover site.

      6. Payment

Deposit 03 (three) months rent when the contract is signed. .
Payment of rent 03 (three) months / within the first 10 (ten) days of the payment period

  • Adjustment level (if any)
    The rent price will not change within 01 (one) year from the effective date of the contract.
    After one (01) year, rent will be considered, adjusted to increase or decrease to suit the market. In case of adjustment, 30 (thirty) days prior to the notice will be give

1 Cost for over working time

The time available for overtime work is from 19h Monday to Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Area (m2)Cost paid to over working time (VNĐ/1 hour)
 < 10050.000
> 10060.000


In addition to the free parking arrangement for 10 motorbikes / companies. We will charge you for additional vehicles as follows:

Number of carsPayment cost
1-10 units50.000đ/unit/month
11- 50 units60.000đ/unit/month

Note  :those costs do not include VAT tax