Paying rental fees on an apartment can make more financial sense than paying rent on a house. When considering whether renting a house or renting an apartment in Da Nang, you should clarify the advantages and disadvantages of each type to rent the right property you want. Hereunder is a list of pros and cons that you should consider.

The benefits of renting a house in Da Nang


Choosing a house for rent, the usable area is larger. Typically, a house is going to provide you with more room inside as well as outdoor space such as a yard, a balcony.

Should renting a house or renting an apartment in Da Nang?

More space for you when renting an apartment in Da Nang – Source:

If you’ve got pets, children or a lot of stuff, this could be a huge incentive. Or if your family has children, renting a house is the best option. In Vietnam, finding a pet-friendly apartment for rent in Danang might cause your difficulty. Because the local owners do not want their renters to have a pet within their apartment. But don’t worry! Renting a house is more in Danang city that you could have a great time living with your pet.

raise a pet in your apartment

Considering to raise a cat when you are renting a house in Da Nang – Source:


While many apartments come with a parking spot, a large number of urban apartments, particularly older buildings, don’t. If you have a vehicle or two, you may want to look at renting a home with parking.

Danang house for rent Phan Tu street frontyard

The large front yard is enough for parking a car – Photo:

Moreover, it is such a beautiful yard if you can decorate some trees along the sidewalls. Trees will help your house green and airy. Home is always a place making you relax after a nerve-racking time of work.


Typically, a house for rent is going to afford you a lot more privacy. With no neighbors listening through the walls or complaining about your footsteps in the morning, you have a lot more freedom in your home with your family.

The disadvantages of renting a house in Da Nang


It costs a lot of money to fix or maintain the furniture in the house. Or depend on plenty of facilities installed by the landlord, you and your family have to take care of. Along with the space and size of a house comes additional maintenance. There are more windows to clean, more floors to vacuum, more lawns to mow and more gardens to tend.

pet-friendly apartment for rent

There is a wooden wardrobe in the bedroom with a small table that brings the convenience – Image:

The benefits of renting an apartment in Da Nang


Of course, renting an apartment will cost less than a house. The price to rent an apartment in Da Nang with basic furniture and full furniture round 280 USD – 850 USD. Besides that, the price normally depends on the location and the usable area and additional fees.

pet-friendly apartment for rent

A nice and elegant space of the living room with luxurious design and natural bright in a house you rent – Image:

Professional management and amenities

You have to pay management fees for the owner when you rent an apartment but you will get back a lot of benefits. Living in an apartment, many amenities included like pool, gym, cleaning services will be always available for all the residents in the building.

apartment for rent in Danang Vietnam namunamu pool

The comfortable pool on the terrace is free for residents – Image:

Low maintenance

Living in an apartment, just a small deposit for the landlord, you will be supported in many cases such as any broken or damages. You do not have to fix anything by yourself.

The disadvantages of renting an apartment in Da Nang

Neighbors and the noises

You are a young couple with a toddler, renting an apartment for rent. You may be distracted by the noises from the neighbors. Because in many apartments, there are people and families living on all sides of you.

When living in an apartment, all sides you are the neighbors

When living in an apartment, all sides you are the neighbors – Image:

But don’t worry, nowadays many apartments in Da Nang are equipped with very good soundproof walls. The real estate market in this city is growing rapidly so customers’ experience is always at the top.


Generally, depending on your budget and the other factors, renting a house or renting an apartment will have some good and bad points. Hence, if you are planning to stay for long-term renting in Da Nang, hope that these suggestions will help you to choose a property that meet with your expectations.

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