Saigon weather is impacted strongly by the tropical monsoon climate. Therefore, it divides into two seasons, rainy and dry season. And there will be no winter in Saigon. If you are planning to stay in Saigon for the long-term, it does not need to prepare for winter clothes.

saigon weather is impacted strongly by the tropical monsoon climate

Let’s get ready for the time stay in Saigon – Image: Tron Le.

Rainy season in Saigon

Saigon weather starts raining from May to November. During this time, there are usually showers without prediction or signs. Therefore, local people usually say that weather in Saigon during the rainy season is like a kinky girl.

It can change unpredictably from rain to sun and contrastingly. You need to bring the raincoat or umbrella along to not get wet. These showers normally do not last long, it is a downpour in a few minutes.

saigon weather in the heavily rainy days

It is really difficult to drive during these days – Image: Sherry Ott.

The signature temperature of Saigon weather in this season is hot and humid weather. Moreover, it is the rainfall is not stable. There will be days that the rain comes and goes in minutes.

However, there are days that rain is a downpour and lasts for days from the early morning to midnight. On those days, Saigon is usually in the flood which is caused by the heavy rain. It is really difficult for transportation in the city.

saigon weather on the rainy days

Rainy season in Saigon is the flood time too – Image: Sherry Ott.

If you travel to Saigon in the heavily rainy days, a coffee house is a good choice. Watching the rain through a glass window and take some dip of hot Vietnamese coffee or tea would be a great experience. That is one of the most interesting things that the locals usually do in this weather in Saigon.

Saigon weather during the dry season

It is from December to the next April. The dry season in Saigon is really terrible. The temperature that the weather station measures is really high while the real-feel temperature is much higher. During this time, Saigon people usually compare the city with a furnace.

=saigon weather during the super hot days

The hottest days in Saigon – Image: Mark Wiens.

If you travel to Saigon during this time, you will have the chance to see the bustle and crowd of the city. Do not forget to bring an umbrella along with you to stay well in the super hot weather in Saigon.

Saigon weather during the dry season will be thirsty for the rain. Additionally, due to a high population, it would make the real-feel much higher than the temperature that the weather station measures.

Furthermore, the UV level during those days is really high. Hence, you should have a good preparation before going out.

saigon weather during the hot days

Saigon during the dry season – Image: Allison Green.

Does Saigon have stormy season?

Vietnam has to bear so many storms in a year. There will be small ones that just can make it rain heavily. However, there are still terrible ones that destroy the whole cities where they come across. Nonetheless, most of the storms attack the north and the central areas.

The south of Vietnam rare has to face to the storm threat. Therefore, if you are staying or planning to move to Saigon, do not need to worry about the stormy season. All you need to prepare is brave to stay well during the super hot days and well-driving skills to come through the flood days.

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