Da Nang has been known as a famous tourist destination attracting large of domestic as well as foreign tourists. Nowadays, a lot of visitors are afraid that the security of Da Nang is not extremely good. However, please have peace in mind, we ensure that Danang is still worth living city.

Can security system in Danang relieve tourist's mind?

Recently, Da Nang has received negative feedbacks from tourists about the security. In tourism season, tourists have been ripped off and dealt with theft issues. To solve these problems, the official has made great effort in improving security as well as finding solutions to these problems.

It is impossible to avoid thefts because of numerous tourists to Danang during tourism seasons. Hence, the police has experienced some following solutions and have gain expected results:

For hotels and resorts: increasing guard forces, 24/24 security system, setting up camera system everywhere. In the reception desks, hiring services are available so each tourist can keep their belongings in a private box and keep the key for themselves.

Can security system in Danang relieve tourist's mind?

For outsides: all details and information of tourists must be checked carefully including personal papers, private keys. Combining with security guards to keep eyes on suspects.

For police: control and fast investigate the thefts and combining with other provincial as well as local police to create self-managing teams in crowding tourists areas and minimize theft issues.

Checking all stores in the crowding tourists areas. These poor quality restaurants, selling at high prices must be strictly treated and revoke the business right

Can security system in Danang relieve tourist's mind?

These solutions have some advantages as well as disadvantages:

Advantages : a number of thefts issues have been solved helping tourists have peace of mind.

Disadvantages: thefts issues are not solved completely

In short, officials as well as people in Danang are making effort in eliminating social evils so that the tourists can have peace in mind when coming here.

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