Many visitors when coming to Da Nang or other places want to rent one of a serviced apartment, house and condo apartment. However, they do not understand the nature of each ones to make the best choice for their own needs. So, what is the biggest difference between the serviced apartment, house and condo apartment?.

Definition of serviced apartment, house and condo apartment

  • Serviced apartment: it looks like a small model of hotel with full amenities such as bed, fridge, tables, chairs, TV, etc. stove (depend on area of apartment). Here we can also use laundry, room cleaning and catering services. In the serviced apartment there are some other areas such as barbecue area, commercial center, spa, restaurant, swimming pool, etc.
  • House: it is built to meet the basic living needs of one person or a family.
  • Condo Apartment: it is a building that there may be one or more households living in. In this way, many apartments are built closed to each one to serve the living needs of the family living in. Condo apartments often appear in crowded residential areas in large cities, towns, or industrial areas. The condo apartment also has services such as beauty center, shopping center, gym, swimming pool, etc.

The difference between three kind of servicesThe difference between serviced apartment, house and condo apartment

  • House: this is a house built on a piece of private land and suitable for the needs and financial conditions of the house owner. It can be high or low, large or narrow and the number of floors is not limited. When living in a house, the owner can freely repair or build utilities without extra service costs. Sometimes, when the owner does not use the house, they can offer it for rent.
  • Condo Apartment: This is the living space of many families in a same building. Each apartment is designed to meet the basic needs of the family. Each floor has many apartments and each apartment has separate bedroom, living room, dining room. So it can be said that the condo apartment creates a cozy space for family members living in it. The condo apartment has many amenities such as children’s play area, shopping center, health care services, ect.
  • Serviced apartment: Serviced apartment is currently developed in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang or Vung Tau. Each apartment is fully equipped with utilities such as cooking stove, air conditioner, washing machine, gym, beauty center, etc. Any change in fully furnished serviced apartment must be accepted by the building manager. Serviced apartment is located in separate buildings having different number of bedrooms. Moreover, customers using serviced apartment may be required to pay the service fee provided by the owner.

Of the three types of house, condo apartments and serviced apartments, each type has a different feature, depending on the needs of each customer as well as how long they will stay in. We hope that this article is useful for you to choose the most appropriate service during the time you stay in Da Nang.

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