Next to Hoai River with ancient features Hoi An ancient town becomes a famous tourist attraction.Walking along the streets, tourist can hear the vendors welcoming the customers to try the food and drinks. Walking on the ancient street, sightseeing and trying some dishes would be an unforgettable memory for those first time coming here.

The street vendors in the heart of Hoi An

The ancient features of streets, houses, communal houses, pagodas, temples, churches, etc and the traditional food, Hoi An human soul are still remained despite historical ups and downs. Visiting Quang Nam and Hoi An ancient town and experiencing life in Hoi An will be a fascinating trip for the tourists.

We do not know when the street vendors started. But if one day, there is no longer street vendors in Hoi An, it is not an ancient town anymore.

Only a few small bamboo tables, a few plastic chairs can create close and cosy space. From 2PM, the street vendors walking along streets. If someone ask to buy, they stop and serve the food to customer. Or the small stalls located in a corner of the street is still attracting a large number of tourists.

There are various kinds of Hoi An traditional cuisine. The way of eating Banh Beo here is quite different from other places. We use bamboo skewers instead of spoon. Stir-fried skewers vendor stores are crowded with tourists.

One dish of Banh Bot Loc with a sliced pork bologna. One of Hoi An traditional cuisine that the visitors cannot miss is sweet gruel made from black sesame seeds. This dish tastes best when it is hot, regardless of hot or cold weather.

Along the Hoai River, there are numerous vendors selling various type of sweet gruel such as corn sweet gruel, bean sweet gruel, etc. These dishes are not strange but they still attract a lot of tourists. It is fascinating for tourists to go for a walk and stop to taste specialties and explore the local life.

The beauty of street vendors in the heart of Hoi An ancient town

Life in Hoi An in connection with the street vendors

It can be said that the street vendors is inseparable from Hoi An daily life. It comes from the special habit of Hoi An people. That is eating snacks. Hoi An people are extremely subtle to made numerous delicious and strange dishes from popular ingredients.

Anytime we visit Hoi An, we can meet the street vendors with various kind of snacks speaking vanish to tourists. Visitors cannot forget the image of open-armed and friendly street vendors.

Street vendors makes Hoi An ancient town more and more attractive. It is also a way to remain ancient features during our modern life. I am sure that visiting Quang Nam and enjoying local food are the most unforgettable experience !

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