Are you moving to Danang to live and looking for a studio apartment for one person living?

Do you like living in the city center for more convenience?

Do you prefer living in a bright space?

Hereunder we provide you information about studio apartment in Hai Chau district , which is the center area of Danang city.

studio apartment

Choosing a right studio apartment will bring to you a better and more interesting as well as convenient life in the new town – Image: Anastasia Dulgier.

Modern 2 beds studio apartment on Pasteur street

This studio apartment is in a modern design which is bright and new in a prime location of the city. From here, you can be easy to access to the most famous place in the city as well as find any convenience grocery stores nearby. However, it is not a noisy area. You will find the peaceful and light moments to relax in the end of the day or on the weekend to refill energy.

studio apartment

The light tone color makes the room brighter and fresher – Image: Danang Services.

In a small space, the apartment provides full furniture for you to start a new life in the new town. Therefore, all you need to just pack your luggage and move in to enjoy life in the coastal city. Furthermore, the design of this studio apartment is simple so that it saves space. If you are minimalism, you must fall in love with it.

studio apartment

The kitchen is full of utensils in a bright space will inspire you with so many delicious dishes – Image: Danang Services.

The kitchen with full utensils in a bright design would be a big inspiration for you to cook delicious meals. There is also a big wardrobe for you to put all your luggage inside so that the studio apartment looks wider.

studio apartment

Waking up every morning with a space full of sunshine from the window will be so wonderful to start a new fresh day – Image: Danang Services.

Two beds are put parallel to the window. Moreover, there is also the small windows on the top of the beds. Therefore, the whole studio apartment will bring a naturally bright space for you to have a better life.

New studio apartment for rent on Le Dinh Duong street

With the light tone wooden interior, this studio apartment brings to you the light, comfortable and cozy feeling. Thanks to two windows, the room is bright and airy.

studio apartment

The light color of the wooden interior makes the space bright and cozy naturally – Image: Danang Services.

The kitchen is equipped with full utensils. There are an electric stove, hood and other cooking stuff. Therefore, you will not need to buy anything else, just moving in and start your new life.

studio apartment

The kitchen is equipped with full of utensils in high quality helps you prepare great meals – Image: Danang Services.

In the center of the studio apartment, a double bed receives the natural light from the windows. Hence, you can wake up early in the morning to take a sunbath right inside your room. A small salon chair next to the window is an ideal corner for you to get lost in the books with a cup of hot tea on the weekend.

studio apartment

The nice and warm space for your better sleep every day – Image: Danang Services.

The bathroom is small. However, it has a bathtub. Therefore, you can finish a long working day by soaking yourself in warm water and relax to have a better sleep. With 24/24 security, this studio apartment is a safe place for you to live alone in the new town. Moreover, it also has a camera system and an automatic lock with password.

studio apartment

The luxurious bathroom with bathtub and yellow light brings to you the most relaxing moments – Image: Danang Services.

Moreover, this studio apartment also has a washing machine. Therefore, it gives you more convenience that it costs. Additionally, the kitchen has microwaves and big size fridge. In total, this studio is not only style and cozy but also convenient and modern.

Cozy studio apartment for rent on Ly Tu Trong street

studio apartment

The cozy studio apartment for rent in the city center with meticulous design and arrangement – Image: Danang Services.

By using golden color as the mainstream of the studio apartment, this space brings a cozy and luxury to you. There is a big window in the apartment so that the whole space is bright and airy. Furthermore, it is opposite to the bed. Thus, you will have the chance to wake up every morning in a space full of sunshine.

studio apartment

The golden decoration and delicate objects make the unique style of this studio apartment – Image: Danang Services.

The big glass separates the bathroom from the rest of the studio apartment. Therefore, the apartment is even small but still looks larger.

studio apartment

The bathroom is separated from the rest of the space by a big glass – Image: Danang Services.

The most impressive design of this studio apartment might be the delicate pattern of objects. It makes the unique style that is not easy to find in any apartment else. It also helps the studio more luxurious and worthy to spend your new life here.

studio apartment

The big window light up all the space naturally – Image: Danang Services.

There is no kitchen in this space. Therefore, it is quite inconvenient for you in case you want to prepare for a meal. However, the studio apartment is located in the food zone of the town. There are so many local traditional eateries as well as luxury restaurants surrounding. Therefore, you do not need to worry about it.

studio apartment

The special decoration of this studio apartment – Image: Danang Services.

On the 3rd floor, there is a shared washing machine. Therefore, instead of waiting for the laundry service, you can do it yourself on the 3rd floor. A terrace is also available for you to hang clothes on.


studio apartment

There are more and more studio apartments for rent in Danang city that will bring to you the wonderful experience in the new town – Image: Michael Browning.

Finding a studio apartment for rent in Danang city is not too difficult. However, to find a cozy and nice design one in the city center, it is. Besides the convenience in transportation, living in the city center helps you to explore the local culture easier with entertainment events and local festivals. There are so many cuisine spots for you to taste the traditional dishes as well as learn more with international restaurants. Moreover, take a short walk on Bach Dang street which is quite near those above studio apartments would be an interesting experience for you.

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