Con Market is one of the most crowded and famous market in Danang. Food sold at Con Market are delicious, fresh and affordable. Tasting food is one of best ways to explore culture and lifestyle of a new place. It would be unforgettable experience to enjoy street food at Con Market and know more about culture as well as people living here.

1/ “Banh beo” – special kind of street food in DanangTop 3 tasty street food at Con Market

Why do I say this is a special kind of street food in Da Nang?. Although “Banh beo” appears everywhere in Vietnam, the flavor of it become unique when it is made by Danang people. This is the difference between “Banh beo” in Danang and in other places. Especially, only when you enjoy “banh beo” at Con market can you feel the special flavor.

When you eat, you can feel the softness and crispiness. In addition, the sauce is the most special in “Bánh bèo”. You will never find any other place which sell “Bánh bèo” as delicious as in Danang.

2/ “Banh bot loc” – delicious kind of street food in Con MarketTop 3 tasty street food at Con Market

The first time I tried “Banh bot loc”, I can felt mild spicy, a little bit salty, a little fatty but not greasy.

However, when eating at Con market, sitting on a plastic chair, I feel completely different. It tastes a little bit like “Banh bot loc” in Danang and a little like it in Quang Tri.

When you try something new , you need to choose the right place, the right time, so that you can feel the special taste of that food.

3/ “Pha Lau” –the best street food ever of Danang peopleTop 3 tasty street food at Con Market

If you come to Danang for the first time, you may find this name strange. However, who lives there for a long time is familiar with this kind of food. “Pha Lau” has been sold in Danang for many years.

The ingredients include: tripe, pineapple, ginger, coconut water, etc. A little sweet, a little sourish, a little touch, all of this make you can’t stop when you start eat it, like an opium addict.

Each place have special culture, special famous street food that you cannot find in any other places.

With various kind of tasty street food, Con market deserves to be the best place for visitors to feel the food cultures as well as lifestyle of people living here.

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