What is the best thing that makes you want to visit this city ? I have considered before visiting Da Nang because I had a tendency to go abroad. However, I confirmed that at present i am not  regretting visiting Da Nang.  I love Da Nang more, love my country more. I have felt a lot of great things from Da Nang tourism.

  1. Wake up in a amazingly peaceful life in Da Nang

    The 7-  greatest things in Da Nang tourism attract tourists when they visit

    Da Nang peaceful morning

Talking about Da Nang, you will think about beautiful sightseeings,  crowded and busy towns. This is also my first thought. Truely, when you come here, you will know. Da Nang crowded and busy life is not the same as Sai Gon, Da Nang  has its own specific and special feature.

You will feel the peace in the morning when you wake up, on the beach, street or anywhere. Waking up in a different place, it seems that we are going home. Both conflict and harmony. That is Da Nang life style.

  1. Experience with friendly Da Nang people

Asking for direction is one of normal thing when you come to a new strange city. In Da Nang, you will be shown the direction pasionately, how to get there, the shortest way to go, what can be seen along the road….

In anyplace, whenever you are kind and respect to the other, you will get back what you have given.

  1. Price for the trip is surprisingly cheap

Have you ever enjoyed a dish in a famous tourist place which costs only 15000VND, a cup of coffee costs 7000 VND ? When making payment for service apartment for rent, i was surprised by the low cost .

Moreover, when shopping around to buy  souvenirs or things, price is really reasonable.

  1. Special Da Nang Cruisine

    The 7-  greatest things in Da Nang tourism attract tourists when they visit

    Traveling to Da Nang, do not miss to try these famous cruisines

Yeah, It it lack without talking about Da Nang cruisine. You can enjoy many snacks and delicacies in Da Nang at a reasonable price and food safety: Vietnamese Snail, Banh trang kep,  salty yourt…..

  1. Da Nang with many tourist and attractive destinations of entertainment

Of course, with a day you can not discover the whole beauty of Da Nang nature  as well as human. You need to make a detail plan to make sure that you can experience the best thing here, visiting many amazing places, heaven in the real life: Son Tra Peninsula, Ba Na Hill, Hoi An, Linh Ung Pagoda, Ngu HanH Son, My Khe Beach, Love Bridge….

  1. Walk on the street without the fear of robbery

Travelling is a way of enjoying life, it is no need to worry about anything. It is not truely right  when  you have to worry about loosing your lugguage. Visiting Da Nang, you can make it easy about this problem.

The security issue in Da Nang is guaranteed 24 hours a day. You can be comfortable when going to the beach, having nice shoots and pictures .

  1. Da Nang – a place gathers many luxury, comfortable and natural closed hotels.

    The 7-  greatest things in Da Nang tourism attract tourists when they visit

    Apartments and hotels are suitable with tourists in Da Nang

Da Nang is one of a provice and city that owns many internationally standarded luxury hotel and resort systems.

You can visit : A La Carte, Bar Ky 36, Furama Resort…

  1. Da Nang- a place takes place many political social and economic events domestically and internationally.

Travelling in Da Nang, you will have many chances to join in many domestic and international tourism events.

  • International Fireworks
  • International Marathon Event
  • Beach Tourism Event


This is my own feeling, however I am sure that many people who have come to visit this beautiful city will agree to my opinion. When visiting Da Nang, you will never disappoint !

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