If you are a tourist who is from Japan or you are a fan of Japanese food, when you come to Da Nang, you also should  have a try Japanese cuisine here. And we certainly believe that you can hardly forget the taste of Japanese dishes in Danang as we are enjoying the food on cherry blossom country. So Da Nang, there are Japanese restaurants with Japanese flavor that invite you to follow this article

Japanese restaurants you should try.

Da Nang is an attractive tourist destination and attracts a large number of tourists who are from Japan every year. Therefore, there are also Japanese style restaurants that are always busy and satisfy gourmets. Here are the  Janpanese restaurants in Da Nang that you can enjoy:

1. Vo SI Dao Restaurant at 90 2/9 Street.

 The top of Japanese restaurants you should try

Attractive , fresh, famous sashimi Thuyen at Vo Si Dao Restaurant.

This is one of the Japanese restaurants that are popular in Da Nang and being loved by many tourists , right here the dishes are meticulously and elaborately on a wooden boat. This makes many diners impressed and have a new feeling. Grilled dishes, sashimi are also Japanese dishes that make it hard for visitors to forget when coming to Da Nang. All the dishes are fresh, carefully selected.

2. Man Thien  Japanese Restaurant

This Japanese-style restaurant is located at 08 Azumaya Hotel, 31 Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, it is one of the most luxurious and classy Japanese restaurants that not everyone knows.  you need to book before coming here, the restaurant has a nice balcony, airy space, good food, fresh, clean.  You and your relatives can enjoy delicious Japanese food in luxurious space and not too shabby.

3. Hoshigami restaurant at  118 Mai Am street.

 The top of Japanese restaurants you should try

Do not forget to visit the Hoshigami restaurant for Japanese dishes.

In many Japanese restaurants, many young people reviewed that the price is reasonable, and the quality of food is very good, the food is beautifully presented and meticulous, staff are very enthusiastic.

4. Kitaguni restaurant.

The address of this restaurant is at  41 Nguyen Chi Thanh street .  it is decorated with Japanese style with outside. when customer come, the staff always smile and bow by Japanese. the food and beverage is diversified and is highly appreciated about the culture of Japanese as well as the style of them. the price is evaluated reasonably with their pocket.

5. Dasushi restaurant

 The top of Japanese restaurants you should try

The food of this Japanse restaurant is good commended because it has beautiful decoration and delicious food.

It is at 150 Phan Châu Trinh street. it is one of the restaurants in Danang that has a  style of Japanese. the staff always warmly welcome customer by saying Japanese and wear a  garish Kimono. it has two floors that is suitable for the demand of diversified customers. the staff always to guide customer enthusiastically, the food is plentiful that is processed and suitable for the customer.

6. Sakura Friends Café restaurant at 125 Hoàng Hoa Thám street.

It is highly appreciated by many people, Sakura Friends cafe is designed  Japanese style from the entrance of restaurant to the interior, the decoration also brings the mark of cherry blossom country. it even has books and story. the food is diversified. it contains  Japanese sushi,     sashimi, and Japanese dishes but the price is reasonable

With the top of the Japanese restaurant in Danang city. we hope to help you know more information when coming to Danang. And you feel easier to select the restaurant you enjoy as well as being suitable for your demand.

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