For tourists, besides learning about where to stay, places to eat, weather is one of important factor that they are deeply concerned. So what is the weather in Da Nang like and whether it suit for tourist or not? In this article we will help you make it clear and help you know more about the weather in Da NangIs the weather in Da Nang suitable for tourists or not?

Weather in Da Nang

Da Nang is located in the tropical monsoon region, but the weather here is mixed of Southern climate and Northern climate. However, the Southern tropical climate is more dominant.

The climate in Da Nang is divided into two seasons, rainy season from August to December. Dry season starts from January to July. Sometimes it is cold but it does not last long and not as cold as in the North.

Besides, the weather in Da Nang is not too hot. According to estimates, from June to August, temperature ranges from 28o – 30oC. From December to February the temperature falls to 18o-23oC. In Ba Na Mountain, it is quite cool, usually 20oC.

Is the weather in Da Nang suitable for tourists?Is the weather in Da Nang suitable for tourists or not?

Not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists come to Da Nang. Particularly, in recent times, the number of tourists from the United States, South Korea, Japan tended to increase.

So is the weather in Da Nang suitable for tourists or not ? The answer is absolutely. During the time of January to April, the weather in Da Nang is so cool that tourists can easily adapt. From April to August, the weather has also started to heat up.

For visitors from the United States or Japan, South Korea, they are familiar with hot weather in their countries so it is not too difficult when they come here.

Especially from May to August, it is sunny, very suitable for experiencing the coastal cities like Da Nang.

We hope that through this article, you can understand better the weather in Da Nang.  And they can know why many international visitors come to Da Nang.

And through that, also know more about why international visitors to Da Nang. Not only because it has many beautiful scenery, variety range of food, friendly people but the weather also are also very convenient, suitable for travelers from all over the world.

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