After a long time of exploring,haing out to check  in the famous places in Da Nang, when you need to add energy to your hungry stomach. You do not know where to go to enjoy the delicious dishes in Da Nang. Along the article explore the Danang  food streets that  make you ecstasy and overwhelmed by the delicious variety and abundant hard to refuse.

Danang food streets are always crowded with diners, especially young people. One of them, to mention:

1.Danang food streets, Phan Tu street

Come to danang, do not forget visit these food streets Danang

Baked Eggs – delicious food only in Da Thanh

Phan Tu street is located in a location easy to find for anyone who first arrived in Da Nang land. Intersection Ngu Hanh Son Road with Le Lai primary school, close to vocational college No. 5, and also quite near the sea, concentrated on both sides of the road are the eateries. From seafood restaurant ,pancakes, barbecue noodles, spicy noodle … diverse species for you to spoil choice with the price of students. The late afternoon until midnight, these restaurants are always filled with guests, many times you have to wait for their turn.

2.Salt yaourt street Tran Thi Ly

Come to danang, do not forget visit these food streets Danang

Tran Thi Ly is famous for the sacred snacks such as salt yaourt, rice paper sandwich, snails, …

Referring to Danang salt yaourt, people often referred to Bang Lang Street at the foot of Tran Thi Ly Bridge. The street is called Bang Lang Purple because this place is full of purple flowers in blooming tambourines in the season, shading the bar located on this street.

There are many restaurants and most of the menu are the same as salt yaourt, snails, rice paper sandwiches, cold jackfruit, jackfruit mix, ram rolls, mango guzzle gutter … Da Nang teenagers often come here to make The street adds bustling, crowded parts. From 3 pm to 11 pm, the street is always cheerful by the chatting, chatting of the guests to eat. The food here is affordable, affordable student and student. More than half, the seller are friendly, always smile on the lips.

3. Danang Food Street in Bac My An Market

Danang Food Street in Bac My An Market

Butter cream is a famous specialty in Bac My An market for only 10,000 VND.

Butter cream is a famous specialty in Bac My An market for only 10,000 VND.

A danang food street is always crowded with students and students have to immediately mention the North American market. Sacred snacks contribute to the diversity of Danang’s specialty, including snails, sandwiches, cakes, pancakes, tea and especially the famous butter cream.

The snail booth attracts only a few chips of small stools, the young people seize the space, the peak time around 5 pm you have to wait, waiting for people to finish eating seats.

Eat butter cream with avocado fragrance of butter with cream added a little bit of dried coconut plus peanuts create a divine dish, causing all visitors to enjoy the tit.

4.Vincom Luxury food street

Come to danang, do not forget visit these food streets Danang

The luxury dining area of Vincom disturbs the guests

Besides the popular dishes, of course in the heart of this dynamic city there are modern food streets which is the luxury dining area of Vincom. Located at Ngo Quyen street, near Muong Thanh Grand Hotel in Da Nang, converging many dishes from u to Asia, you spoiled for choice and enjoy. Dishes of luxury, space class, modern would certainly be the great choice to bring you the moment of relaxation, enjoy the best Danang.

5. Indochina Food Court

Come to danang, do not forget visit these food streets Danang

Indochina is the place to attract large visitors with famous restaurants.


In addition, a place that is popular with many tourists as well as local people, it is the Indochina Food Court. Variety of dishes in the Food Court from the  European dishes to the China or the dishes from Korea, Japan to the traditional dishes of Vietnam. Located right at the center of the city, together with the favorable location overlooking the river view Han River, poetry, while enjoying the delicious and relaxing is indeed a wonderful moment. All this has created a special appeal to this dining area.

Guests have the opportunity to visit Danang do not forget to visit  Danang food streets. Certainly the experience in these neighborhoods will make the Danang travel trip more meaningful to enjoy and understand more about Da Nang cuisine and understand the life of Da Nang residents in each delicious dish. 

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