Preparing before a trip is one of those must-do things to make the trip go smoothly. However, it might be difficult when you’re coming to a totally new country. Hence, if you’re planning on Vietnam travel, let’s take a sit and start scrolling down for careful preparation.

Passport and Visa for Vietnam travel

Passport is a must to enter a country. Check the visa expiration date carefully. If you have less than three months left, you must extend it before the trip. Furthermore, you should make some copy of your visa in case you unluckily lose it, or for the hotel, vehicle rental, and some specific tourist destinations.

Vietnam has Entry Agreements with 84 countries. If you are a citizen of one of those countries, you are allowed to enter Vietnam within 15 days with no visa needed. Meanwhile, to make sure, you should apply for e-visa online or at the Vietnamese embassy in your country. These process should be done early because it may take several months to be approved.

Transports for Vietnam travel


If you travel to Vietnam by plane, make sure to check the fare rules of the right airlines you choose and Vietnam entry requirements. You should not bring items that are prohibited on checked and cabin baggage. Moreover, you need to be aware of food, plant, and products are restricted or prohibited entry to Vietnam like crawfish for example.


The Vietnamese people travel mostly by motorbike since the streets here are quite small. So riding a motorbike is also one of the best ways to observe this beautiful country. If you want to travel a long way from North to South or vice versa, you can buy an old motorbike at your starting point and resell it at the final destination. However, the more common way is that you rent a motorbike from a rental shop then leave it at their franchisees throughout the country.

learn how to ride motorbike for vietnam travel

Riding motorbike is an interesting experience during Vietnam travel – Image:

Things would be easier if you do a Vietnam travel trip within a country. All you need is a copy of your passport or international driving license and the survival skills. You can ask the staff of the hotel you’re staying to rent you a motorbike and then easily start your journey.

Public transports

In fact, public transports such as bus, or MRT just available in big cities like Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang. However, the bus routes in these cities are not optimized in small streets full of private transports so it may take you lots of time moving.

Meanwhile, traditional taxis high-tech taxis, and especially motorbike-taxis are much more popular. You can see the traditional ones waiting outside tourist spots, gas stations, airports, supermarkets, etc. However, as other tips that you find on the Internet for Vietnam travel, you need to bargain anytime for the best deal. Besides, the high-tech motorbike taxi becomes popular these days. With a simple app, you can book a private motorbike with a private rider to take you to your desired destination with a fixed price. Sit behind a stranger’s motorbike and have no choice but hug him/her may be an unforgettable experience that can’t try anywhere else.

Prepare money for Vietnam travel

Vietnam Dong (code: VND) has been the currency of Vietnam since 1978. However, it’s an unpopular currency so it may be hard for you to find places to change money in your country. Fortunately, US dollar is very ubiquitous in Vietnam so you can change for Vietnam Dong right in Vietnam. If you’re looking for money changing places, the locals are very willing to help you.  Note that you have permission to bring maximum 5000USD in and out Vietnam. Furthermore, credit cards (Master or Visa) don’t work well in Vietnam. If you want to dig in Vietnamese street foods or bargain for the best price in the markets, don’t forget the cash.

change money for vietnam travel

Change money for Vietnam travel.

Take some medicine along with you

There is a fact that in Vietnam, you don’t need a prescription to buy medicine at any pharmacies in Vietnam. However, you’d better have a bag of medicines that are familiar with you such as aspirins, anti-mosquitos cream, stomach, cold medicine, etc. Vietnam is in tropical climate zone so that the It is because you may not find the exact kind of medicine you need during Vietnam travel, and since there is no prescription, you may push yourself into unexpected situations. Besides, you can have some necessary vaccine shots like anti-malaria two months before the trip.


Though there are many things you need for Vietnam travel, hope that those recommendations above will give you a sneak-peek on what to prepare. If you want a more careful preparation, please download the Survival Guideline handbook.

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