With the conveniences that motorbike could bring to the drivers, most of the tourists come to Vietnam prefer renting a motorbike instead of cars. When visiting Danang city, driving a motorbike through the beautiful beach and mountains is a wonderful experience. However, before having a motorbike rental in Danang, you are better to know these following tips. They help you to drive safely and enjoy the amazing road.

motorbike rental in danang

Checking the quality of motorbike before renting is very important for your safety.

Do not look for unusually cheap motorbike rental in Danang

Due to the development of tourism in the city, there are so many spots for motorbike rental in Danang. It could be easy to find a motorbike rental everywhere in the city. Moreover, your hotel might have a transport rental service too. However, to choose a good one with a safe vehicle, it is not easy. Visit our list of the best quality motorbike rental to make your decision.

To save the budget, there are so many people choose the cheap rental service without considering its quality and reliance. At the unusually cheap rental services, they usually do not guarantee good vehicles. The vehicles look new and in good quality with its new and clean appearance. However, normally, the machine inside is not a good one. It is a separate part of the frame of the motorbike. Therefore, it can cause some dangers during your trip. Moreover, you might also have to pay for the damages that it actually is not your fault.

Prepare for personal identity carefully

In Vietnam, and other countries too, it is required for personal identity when renting a vehicle. Therefore, when having a motorbike rental in Danang, you should have a good preparation of the personal identity. The most common identity that is acceptable in Vietnam is Identity Card or Driver License.

motorbike rental in danang

Prepare ID card and driving license carefully when renting a motorbike in Vietnam.

However, it is not a good choice to give the driver’s identity documents. The reason is that it would cause you in trouble when the police ask for Driving License. Therefore, a tip for you is that you should use the identity documents of the one you are driving. In case you travel alone, try to negotiate with the vehicle owner to use the photocopy of your identity documents. The original documents will be really necessary when you are caught by the local police.

Choose the right type of motorbike that you can drive

Similarly to car rental, there are different types of the motorbike for you to rent. However, each of them has different features that can impact your safety when driving. Thus, when you have a motorbike rental in Danang, do not forget to choose the right type.

It depends on the conditions of the road that you are going to drive through, you will need different types of motorbike. Most of the foreigners come to Vietnam prefer auto motorbike rather than the manual one. However, it is not safe that you always chose the auto one in every case. Specifically, if you are going to explore the mountains, the manual motorbikes are a better and safer choice. Take an example, the road to Son Tra peninsula or Hai Van pass will need the manual motorbike. However, if you just want to drive around the city, an auto motorbike is enough. Moreover, it is safer if you choose the type of motorbike that you are familiar with.

Check your vehicle carefully before signing in a contract of motorbike rental in Danang

A testing drive is very important to make sure your chosen motorbike is still in good conditions.

It is very important to check your vehicle carefully not only when having a motorbike rental in Danang but everywhere. In case your plan is only to drive around the city, it might be fine to not care about the vehicle quality that much. However, with a longer journey, more than 30 kilometers, it is really important.

The first check is for handbrake. It is very important for you to make sure that the handbrake still works well. Moreover, you also should check the accelerator, warning light, indicators, horn, and kickstand. The second check is to test the vehicle. It is better if you can ask the owner for a testing drive. At least, you could know if the machine is good or not for the road conditions that you are going to go.

There is one more important tip for you. Remember to deal with the motorbike owner that if there are any problems occur to the vehicle, you must have the right to change to another motorbike. If it is worse that there is no motorbike left, the owner has to refund you the rental.

Keep the rental contract and receipt carefully

There are many motorbike rental in Danang require only your personal identity when you come to rent a vehicle. There will be no receipt or contract. However, these documents are very important when problems occur. No matter the owner provides you with the contract or receipt, you should ask for. If there is no contract available in there shop, a receipt is still fine. Some information must have in the receipt include the date of renting and returning back. Moreover, other vehicle information is also important such as license plate number, type of motorbike, color, and your identity documents that they are keeping.

motorbike rental in danang

Keeping the renting receipt or contract to back up in case there are any problems occur.

Additionally, every vehicle in Vietnam is required to have insurance. You do not forget to make sure that the chosen motorbike insurance is still valid. Or else, the police may fine you.


Totally, there are so many good quality motorbike rental in Danang. However, there are still bad ones. To not be into trouble, you should be careful when choosing a rental shop. Moreover, make sure to check your chosen vehicle quality for a safe trip.

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