Vietnam is famous for its large amount of motorbikes over cars because motorbike is much more convenient and economical. That’s why when being here, you should rent a motorbike and wander on your own. Here is some Hoi An motorbike rental that you can consider.

Hoi An motorbike rental

With the list of motorbike rental shops below, you will find the most suitable transport to travel through Vietnam.

Bike rental – a high-quality Hoi An motorbike rental

Location: 14 Cua Dai Street, Cam Chau Ward, Hoi An.

Contact: 0961 172 420

Price: $8.95 – $19.95/day.

You will find it very easy to book a bike at this motorbike rental. You can book via phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Email or directly on the website. At Gem’s Rider Hoi An, they provide you with good-condition bikes that are being maintained very well.

 Hoi An motorbike rental

One of the most popular motorbike rental in Hoi An. – Source:

Moreover, you gonna have a full tank of fuel along with the motorbike you rent. At most of the Hoi An motorbike rental, the bikes are delivered to you with a tiny amount of petrol. Then you have to find a gas station to refuel before the trips. But at Gem’s Rider, you don’t have to face that bad experience. All bikes are supplied with a full tank of petrol so that you can immediately start your trips.

Hoi An motorbike rental

You can find many kinds of motorbikes here. – Source:

There is a wide range from the standard bike like Honda Air Blade to the superb one like Yamaha FZ150i. With the affordable price and useful accessories, this is the most popular Hoi An motorbike rentaamong tourists.

>> Hoi An Bike Rental – a good transport rental in Hoi An.

Anh Khoa – prestigious Hoi An motorbike rental

Location: 84 Phan Chau Trinh, Minh An Ward, Hoi An.

Contact: 0935 439 036

Price: $4.35 – $12.95/day.

Anh Khoa is always in the top prestigious Hoi An motorbike rental. Coming to Anh Khoa, you can choose a variety of bikes such as scooters and motorbike. What’s more, they will provide you with free 1 liter of gasoline and helmets when using the service there.

>> Anh Khoa – a good motorbike rental service in Hoi An.

Hoi An motorbike rental

Western tourists prefer Anh Khoa services of motorbike rental. – Source:

Plus, Anh Khoa  motorbike rental will deliver the motorbikes to the customers with a very low charge. You can book for a motorbike via Social platforms like Viber, Zalo, Kakaotalk, WhatsApp, Email or call them directly. Next, to make it more convenient for you, you can make payment in cash or credit card either.

Hoi An motorbike rental

The convenience in payment is a plus point that makes Anh Khoa motorbike rental won the foreigners’ hearts.

Secondly, you will be safe while traveling with the protection devices they provide.

>> Spend your time riding around Hoi An traditional villages.

MotorVina rental – Hoi An motorbike rental

Location: 360 Cua Dai Street, Cam Chau Ward, Hoi An.

Contact: 0935 922 866

Price: $15 – $20/scooter/day and $30 – $49/motorbike/day.

Though this motorbike rental cost is a little bit higher than the others, they will offer you more amenities when using this service. Firstly, you can leave the motorbike anywhere in Vietnam (Danang, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Pleiku, etc). It’s so comfortable that you can have a motor tour across the country then packing home without thinking about returning the motorbike back.

Hoi An motorbike rental

MotorVina rental – Hoi An motorbike rental with high-quality services. – Source:

Next, you will be safer while traveling here with the protection kit the rental shop gives you. They are knee and elbow protection, good quality gloves, high-quality Western-standard helmets, and GoPro camera. Besides, all the engine and technical problems are guaranteed to be supported.

Hoi An motorbike rental

MotorVina even provide you with the drivers! – Source:

>> MotorVina – motorbike rental in Hoi An.

Style motorbikes – a good motorbike rental service

Location: 314 Cua Dai Street, Cam Chau Ward, Hoi An.

Contact: 0235 6512 046.

Price: $10 – $25/day.

This motorbike rental a series of motorbike rental service from the North to the South. This means you can return the motorbike in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City without turning back to Hoi An. Style motorbikes provide many services including buying, selling, renting and repairing transports.

Hoi An motorbike rental

Style Motorbikes has the best motorbikes in town that you can take full use of them through the toughest route.

Furthermore, they have a wide range of motorbikes from Detech Wins, Honda Semi-Automatics to other uniques motorbikes. They also resell related equipment like helmet, gloves, knee-pad, etc. The service at this Hoi An motorbike rental is so good that it receives lots of 5-star ratings on TripAdvisor.

>> Style Motorbikes – a good motorbike rental service in Hoi An.

Mr. Hai – a premium Hoi An motorbike rental

Location: 152 Tran Nhat Duat, Cam Chau Ward, Hoi An.

Contact: 0784 840 489.

Price: $5-$13/day.

Hoi An motorbike rental

Mr. Hai is one of the most popular motorbike rental shops offer you the best service.

Mr. Hai offers such a wonderful service that receive many awesome compliments from customers. It only has the premium motorbikes for rent but also the premium services. Before letting you rent the bikes, they always check if there is any destruction or damage. Plus, they even supply you a full tank of fuel so that you can start your journey right after renting ones. That’s why Mr. Hai is considered as the best motorbike rental shop.

>> Mr.Hai – a reliable place of the motorbike for rent in Hoi An.


  • You should contact the motorbike rental 4 – 7 days before your arrival.
  • When you receive a bike, it’s a must to overcheck the vehicle so that you don’t have to compensate for the damage you didn’t cause. The protection devices must be checked too.
  • Remember to confirm the protection devices in case they’re there just to fulfill the amenities list.
  • The ID card, driving licenses, passports are what you need to bring with when renting a motorbike here.
  • Though they accept the credit cards somewhere, you should come with some cash.


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