Da Nang cuisine is familiar with the specialty such as Quang noodle, fish noodle, spring roll with slices pork,… In additional, Da Nang menu of cuisine is also diversified and attractive with vegan foods of vegan restaurants in Da Nang that is not only good-looking but also good taste as the traditional foods.

Diversified menu

Lien Hoa vegan restaurant which is located at no. 49 Le Hong Phong street is the first one to be mentioned as the diversified menu vegan restaurant. Providing up to 120 options for vegan foods, menu has not only breakfast such as dumpling cakes, rice cakes,… but also Da Nang special foods, family sets and sets for vegan parties. The best selling here is vegan hotpot. An attractive hotpot with many types of vegetable, mushrooms and tofu will not disappoint you. Moreover, different types of Hue sweet soup that cooked by Hue chiefs will be a worthy reason for you to spend more time here and enjoy the peace at Lien Hoa vegan restaurant.

Top 5 Vegan restaurants in Da Nang city

Vegan food at Lien Hoa vegan restaurant

Delicious and cheap menu

One of the most delicious and cheapest vegan restaurant in Da Nang is Thanh Tam vegan restaurant at no. 07 Ngo Gia Tu street. As any other local restaurant, they serve rice and noodles that are cooked simply but still taste good. The restaurant space is cool and clean, this will be a good choice for those who want to have a good meal but not too expensive.

Top 5 Vegan restaurants in Da Nang city

The second one that we provide you as a cheap and good taste vegan restaurant is Sen, that is at 181 Nguyen Hoang street. Sen is known as “the cheapest vegan restaurant ever”. Diversified menu with the famous special foods in Da Nang such as fish paste noodles, crab noodles, beef noodles, fish pie noodles, braised pork,… are made from clean vegetable that makes the foods more delicious.

Top 5 Vegan restaurants in Da Nang city

Peaceful space

Located in Bat Nha pagoda, Dong Tay vegan restaurant brings a peaceful and cool space. Diversified menu with simple cooking method does not make the food taste worse, contrarily, it still keeps the original taste of the vegan foods.

Top 5 Vegan restaurants in Da Nang city

In addition, there are other vegan restaurants in Da Nang that you should try such as:

  • Au Lac vegan restaurant – no. 60 Nguyen Du street;
  • Thien Duyen vegan restaurant – no. 308/2 Hoang Dieu street;
  • Bo De vegan restaurant – no.588 Ong Ich Khiem street;
  • Huong Khach vegan restaurant – no.106 Hoang Dieu street;
  • Dieu Truong vegan restarant – no.89 Ha Huy Tap street;
  • Thien An vegan restaurant – no.69 Le Do street.
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