Da Nang is well known not only for being a worth living city, friendly and hospitable people but also for various kind of specialties. Buying specialties as gifts after taking a trip to Da Nang is something which cannot be missed.

Top Da Nang specialties gifts for relatives and friends

  1. Nam O fishsauce

    Top Da Nang specialties favoured by tourists

Referring to the famous fish sauce brands, many tourists think about Phu Quoc fishsauce or Phan Thiet fishsauce. However, the Nam O fish sauce in the heart of Da Nang is definitely as delicious as other brands. Made from long-jawed anchovies caught in March lunar month, delicately processed into delicious and pure fishsauce.

If you have the chance to travel around Da Nang, you should visit the Nam O fishsauce village which is located in Hoa Hiep Nam Ward, Lien Chieu District. Some bottles of fishsauce would be a perfect gift for mother, housewife.

  1. Sesame (Kho me) cakeTop Da Nang specialties favoured by tourists

It is known as one of delicious specialties of Da Nang. The sesame cake is made from popular ingredients such as rice flour, glutinous flour, ginger, sugar, sesame, etc. according to traditional recipe.

The cake is in shape of square, sesame covered outside. When you eat, you can feel the taste of the intestines inside white. It tastes best when eat with a hot cup of tea. It is one of famous specialties of Da Nang – Quang Nam. Moreover this is a popular dish that people present to the ancestors.

To buy the best products, you should go to sesame cake village in Cam Le District which is 6km from the city center in the South.

  1. Various kind of dried seafood

    Top Da Nang specialties favoured by tourists

It is fortunate that Da Nang is in favored of nature with long charming beaches, diverse species of seafood.  Making use of this, Da Nang people have delicately processed them into dried delicious seafood.

There are numerous kinds of dried seafood such as dried anchovies, dried stingrays, mackerel, etc. Enjoying the dried seafood, feeling the saltiness of the sea creates a sense of pleasure especially when it is eaten with a few cups of beer or wine. Buying some kinds of dried seafood as gift could be a good choice for visitors.

  1. Cha bo (Chả bò)

    Top delicious specialties favoured by tourists in Da Nang

This dish is made from fresh beef  from which all tendons are removed tasting delicious. The beef is well-ground, packed and after steamed. We slice it before enjoying. The bold taste, red color inside and crispiness would not dissatisfy you. Buying some Cha bo as gift is extremely meaningful when you visiting Da Nang.

In addition these mentioned specialties, there are many other delicious specialties such as shrimp paste, My Khe seaweed, etc.

Traveling around Da Nang, discovering new things, enjoying delicious specialties, buying some as gifts for friends and relatives would make the trip more meaningful.

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