Da Nang is the destination of the trips. Talking about Da Nang, we are able to imagine to many tourist attractions. Each destination has its own distinct beauty. However, making the beauty of Danang , you cannot ignore the following tourist destinations in Da Nang:

1/ Great destinations for backpacking

Top key tourist destinations in Da Nang

Bang Waterfall – The tourist destinations in Da Nang.

Three tourist destinations below in Da Nang are extremely popular with backpacking:

– Ghenh Bang, a challenging spot for lots of backpackers because you have to be very careful to move through the reefs. Coming to Ghenh Bang, you are able to do all the activities of a sea trip: swimming, boating, fishing….

– Heaven well, in Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang, Da Nang. This “heaven well” has been created by nature. You will see a white waterfall falling from above, scenic scenery as in the movie. Coming to the Heaven Well you will experience sea snail catching, fishing which is very interesting by yourself.

– Phu Ninh Lake – Da Nang ecology tourist site attracts travelers. Right here, you can open yourself out with nature. At the same time, there are many other activities such as camping, enjoying the view from Turtle Island, Monkey Island.

2. The tourist destinations in Da Nang for travelers

Well, we also can’t ignore the special places for visitors like:

Top key tourist destinations in Da Nang

My Khe Beach – the beauty of the beach in Da Nang.

– Lying down  at My Khe Beach, listening  to the waves and watching the sunset on the sea….

– Visiting Hai Van Pass means that you are visiting the most breathtaking view of Vietnam, where recorded the heroic history of our nation.

Hoi An ancient town – Venice of Asia, located 30km away from Da Nang. Along the road from Hoi An to Da Nang, you will see wonderful images of nature and people. Here is also a wonderful first-last spot for choosing tourist sites.

– Exploring  and enjoying  the most wonderful moments at Cham Island by yourself because we have no suitable words to express that feeling.

Han River banks: You will pay attention to this place at night, watching the splendor, shimmering of Da Nang – the young and dynamic city.

Linh Ung pagoda:  the location of the huge Lady Buddha statue that facing the sea

– Visiting  Ban Co Peak – there is a statue of a fairy sitting alone playing chess and watching the scenery of Da Nang

3. Great destinations for family vacation

Top key tourist destinations in Da Nang

Vinpearl Da Nang – luxury beauty, great service, perfect choice for the trip in Da Nang.

Finally, we cannot but  mention some resorts in Da Nang. One can say that Da Nang is one of the provinces, which is extremely favoured by nature. Coming to Da Nang, you can enjoy yourself in the nature, in the resort for the family. Here, we would like to introduce to you three places for family vacation in Da Nang:

– Fusion Maia Resort Danang – The 5-star resort located next to My Khe Beach.

– Vinpearl Đà Nẵng Resort & Villas – The 5-star resort is centrally located in Da Nang.

– Inter Continental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort – The Paradise is on the hillside of Son Tra peninsula.

– Holiday Beach Danang – 04 star hotel in front of My Khe Beach.

– Pullman Danang Beach Resort – It located on the sandy beach of Bac My An Beach as a wonderful oasis.

Well perhaps the word “wonderful” was used pretty much when I talk about tourist destinations in Da Nang but the truth is I don’t  know how to express my emotions. In my view, you only can feel and explore these experiences by yourself. Da Nang is wonderful in me!

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