Many people think that the best time to travel to Da Nang is summer time because of the nice weather. However, when coming to Da Nang in the last days of the year, coincide with Christmas or New Year, visitors will have very interesting experiences. By this occasion, there are many festivals, fun places decorated skillfully.

Travelling to Da Nang at the last days of the year

Travel to Da Nang on the Christmas and New Year

Christmas Festival in Asian Park.

There are many reasons for tourists to travel to Da Nang at the end of the year, especially in the Noel season. Coming to Da Nang on this occasion, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy many beautiful and sparkling scenes with a bustling and freshly atmosphere awaiting Christmas or New Year’s greetings.

Visiting Da Nang on Christmas season, the whole city seems to put on a new coat. From the roads, the street corners to the playgrounds are decorated with brilliant lights. Christmas’s atmosphere is existed with the image of Christmas trees, snowman or a space full of snowflakes.

Entertaining in Da Nang on Christmas and New Year

Travel to Da Nang on the Christmas and New Year

New Year in Da Nang has striking colour with forest of flowers flourishing

We all know, there are many places to entertain in Da Nang, but on Christmas and New Year, these places have become more fun and bustle than ever. They attract a large numbers of visitors as well as tourists.

On this occasion, you are able to go to Ba Na Hill tourist area, there is a very enjoyable festive Christmas every year. You will experience a very interesting and attractive Christmas atmosphere as you are in Europe.

Or you are able to go to the Asian park, with space decorated to bring the feeling of Christmas everywhere with a variety of activities and games that you will enjoy.

Especially on the greeting New Year moment, in Da Nang often holds cultural arts programs, the welcome New Year countdown in combination with fireworks festival. These are cultural activities that focus on the population as well as visitors to create memorable moments.

On Christmas or New Year in recent years, the number of visitors from all over the place is huge. So, if you want to experience the Noel atmosphere or celebrate the New Year in Da Nang, you should care about your stay and choose an apartment for rent with the most convenient location one.

Hope that this article somewhat helps you understand about Da Nang at the end of the years better. From there, you are able to choose one more occasion to travel to Da Nang which is on Christmas and New Year Ever.

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