Tourism  destination in Da Nang are many. But if you want to go to a picnic spot, charming scenery and cool air, do not miss Dong Giang Tea hill

Dong Giang tea Hill, a tourism destination you can not miss when coming to Danang.

Đồi chè Đông Giang vẻ đẹp thiên đường bạn không thể bỏ qua tại Đà Nẵng.

Perhaps you have heard of Dong Giang with the traditional culture of the Co Tu ethnic group. However, in Dong Giang there is a beautiful scene to distract people, with the image of the green tea cluster, arranged in straight lines. Yes, it is not another beautiful scene, it is Dong Giang Tea Hill  is located in Quyet Thang country Farm of Quang Nam Province. If you want to go to lDong Giang tea hill, you need 65km to travel from Danang.

Far from it, but worth exploring once. Because the beauty of Dong Giang tea hill will dispel the fatigue when moving a long way. With green bushes looking from far like the waves bobbing around the hills. With fresh air you will find your heart peace when standing in the middle of here.

Experience tourism Dong Giang tea Hill

Dong Giang Tea Hill is a paradise you can not miss in Da Nang.

Come to Dong Giang tea hill to have nice photos

To reach Dong Giang tea hill, you have two ways to move from the center of Da Nang city. The first way, you will move towards the National Highway 14B. The second way is to move along Ba Na – Suoi Mo route. The common point of these two routes is that they lead to Highway 14G and you continue to move toward Doc Kien is the location between the two provinces of Quang Nam and Da Nang. Here, you need to move 50km further to the Dong Giang tea hills.

Experience Dong Giang tea  hill is widely known to travel to tea hills by the time of August or October because it is the time for the best tea leaves. . However, in November, 12 you can also come here. This is the rainy season, young shoots are out, it will be nice to see the sprout is growing.

And for the convenience of transportation, you should send the car at home because the people here are extremely friendly and easy. Thank you for returning the cost of parking. Traveling time, it is best to move from 5am or 2pm so when coming to Dong Giang Tea hill, there is no more sunshine and you can enjoy the virtual life.

Also, because there are not many restaurants in Dong Giang tea hill , please prepare some snacks and drinks when visiting this tourism destination in Da Nang.

I hope through this artice, you will have one destination to travel when coming to Danang. And with experience Dong Giang tea hill , we hope  you will have a good , interesting and safe trip

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