Coming to Danang without trying the best traditional food is the biggest regret you have ever made. So what if you are a vegan? Is there any vegetarian restaurant that serves traditional food for tourists? The answer is yes! Let explore the best vegetarian restaurants in town!

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With a list of vegetarian restaurants in Danang city, you won’t worry about trying traditional food of the town – Photo: Phuc An vegetarian restaurant.

Bo De vegetarian restaurant

Located on Ong Ich Khiem street, it is easy for you to find this restaurant. This vegetarian restaurant is also near Con Market. Therefore, it is so convenient for your schedule. Additionally, on the right side of the restaurant, there is a local Buddhist temple. After having a frugal meal, you can come here to discover the Asian temple architecture.

vegetarian restaurant

Vegan water fern cake with the special sauce which can keep the true taste of the original one – Image: Bo De restaurant.

Bo De is a family restaurant. Hence, it brings a cozy and friendly atmosphere for customers. Additionally, the area is not too large, you will find peaceful and comfortable moments for a fresh meal. Here they serve customers with traditional foods of Danang at a very cheap price. They include dumpling, Vietnamese pancake, Quang noodles, jackfruit salad, and so on.

Tam Nguyen vegetarian restaurant

Tourists can come to this vegetarian restaurant in Danang to find a true taste of traditional food of Danang in the type of vegan food. They have Quang noodles with two types which are dried and soup ones. Furthermore, you can also try the grilled beef in lolot leaf vegan taste. They make all traditional food with the vegetarian ingredient but still keep the exact same taste. Besides the popular traditional food, this restaurant serves Korean and Italian food as well. The most popular and the best taste of foreigner food here is Korean noodles and Italian spaghetti.

vegetarian restaurant

There is a diversified menu with different vegan dishes for you to choose in this restaurant – Image: Tam Nguyen restaurant.

This restaurant is on Le Duan street which is the main road of the town. Therefore, no matter where you stay in Danang city, it is easy to find this location. Additionally, from here, you can access to the famous tourist destinations such as the Han River bridge, Art Gallery of the city, and so on.

Huong Khach vegetarian restaurant

Huong Khach is a special vegetarian restaurant in Danang since it does not have only traditional food but also famous local street food. Therefore, coming here will give vegan tourists a good experience of local cuisine. Most of them are imitated the dishes with meat. Moreover, the taste of them is so real. Thus, you can feel the cuisine culture of Danang city in this restaurant.

vegetarian restaurant

Traditional noodle in vegan type is one of the best dishes in this restaurant – Image: TheodoreDee – Tripadvisor.

Moreover, the decoration of this space is bright and airy. Therefore, you do not only taste the best savor of vegan food but also find peaceful and comfortable moments. This restaurant places in the heart of Danang, on Hoang Dieu street. Thus, you do not need to worry about the way there. It is so convenient and easy to find.

An Lac Tam vegetarian restaurant in Danang

This is a simple but elegant vegetarian restaurant in Danang city. To a local, this is an ideal place to find the family taste. To a tourist, it is a good chance to enjoy a Vietnamese family meal. The decoration of the dishes is meticulous. Moreover, they use the traditional recipe for making rustic dishes. Hence, it is a great ideal to enjoy the local meal in this restaurant.

There are not only dishes which are prepared carefully from the taste to the appearance but also the space of the restaurant. They always keep it clean and airy. Thus, it helps to increase the enjoyment of customers to have a comfortable meal.

vegetarian restaurant

There is not only the taste are focused in this restaurant but also the appearance of the dishes – Image: An Lac Tam restaurant.

This vegetarian restaurant locates on Phan Dang Luu street. This is a convenient location since you can come to explore more tourist destinations around. The Helio center is just 1.5 kilometers away. Furthermore, you also can easy to go to the Han riverside and enjoy the cool atmosphere there.

Phuc An vegetarian restaurant

This vegetarian restaurant in Danang decorates with retro style. Thus, it brings an elegant and vintage space. All the stuff in this restaurant is collected from the old days. From the chairs, table, to the cabinets and other things, are covered by an old color.

vegetarian restaurant

Sticky rice with red beans is one of the traditionally rustic dishes of Vietnamese is now making in a vegan way with attractive decoration – Image: Phuc An restaurant.

The vegan dishes in this restaurant are not only tasty but also attractive. The chefs focus on both savor and the appearance of food. Thus, it makes a perfect experience when it satisfies both your vision and your taste. There is a diversified menu for you to choose when coming here. There are different types of rice, noodles, and fried dishes for your meal more variety. Additionally, the cooking process in this restaurant is so clean. They do not use other extra additives to increase the taste. Therefore, it is not only tasty but also healthy.

Located on Nguyen Tat Thanh street, customers can have a view of the sea. Furthermore, this location also brings cool air to the restaurant space. Thus, you will have comfortable and relaxing moments when having a meal here.

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