Lunar new year holiday is an important holiday in Vietnam in the year. It’s a special holiday at the beginning of the new year calculating by the lunar calendar. For most Vietnamese people, the Lunar new year or Tet holiday is an occasion to close together and give all the best wishes together.

Lunar New Year

On the Tet holiday, there are a ton of things to do as well as traditional cultural identities. However, Vietnamese traditional food still plays an important role in this special holiday. Let’s follow the article to know more traditional dishes normally served in the lunar new year holiday!

Chicken and red sticky rice

When it comes to Vietnamese traditional food on Tet holiday, it’s not a lack of steamed chicken and red sticky rice. Red sticky rice is a special dish normally served on important occasions. It’s made of sticky rice and spiny bitter gourd. The red color of this dish normally shows the lucky in Vietnamese cultural identity.

Vietnamese traditional food on Lunar New Year holiday

To pay homage and gratitude to ancestors, Vietnamese people usually served steamed chicken and red sticky rice to hope the success will come in a new year. These are two indispensable dishes in three regions of Vietnam on the Tet holiday.

Chung cake on lunar new year

Chung cake is the next dish that is indispensable and only served on the Tet holiday in the past. However, this is a normal dish in daily life in Vietnam at current. Depending on the particular region in Vietnam, the recipe for Chung cake will be different including the shape of the cake.

The recipe for Chung cake is really simple. It includes the green leaf, normally using banana leaf, sticky rice, green bean, and pork. The pork and green bean and sticky rice wrapped by the leaf by the clever hand of Vietnamese. The cake will be steamed at least 3- 4 hours.

Chung cake- one of the Vietnamese traditional food on Tet holiday

Chung cake has been around for a long time in the history of the Vietnamese nation. As far as many Vietnamese people know the legend of Chung cake dating from the time of the 6th Hung King. And the one who created this cake is Lang Lieu. Therefore, it can be said that Chung cake has gone so deep into the history of the nation.

Explore ancient traditional food in Vietnam

This cake is also included in the tray of meal on Tet holiday with the meaning of remembering the merits of building the country under the Hung King period. In the North and Central region, many families have prepared Chung cake since the middle of December. Normally the shape of the cake is in square to be symbolic of the earth. Tet atmosphere has started bustling everywhere. Ingredients to create a fairly sophisticated Chung cake. And to enjoy the Chung cake, the effort is not really simple.

Chung cake in Vietnam

Chung cake in the south of Vietnam is less different than in the north and central Vietnam. Normally the shape of Chung cake is in the square but in the south, the shape will be in the round.

Vietnamese pickled onions

In Vietnamese culture identity, people may suffer from hunger all year round. Therefore, they always try their best to be full on the Tet holiday. Vietnamese Tet food is often carefully prepared and cooked in abundance in order to make the wish of a new wealthy year come true.

Vietnamese pickled onions

However, eating too much meat often makes people feel sick and that is the right time for something sour, fresh and low-calorie to play the role of balancing. Vietnamese pickled onions come as the ideal solution. And for many Vietnamese generations, pickled onions have been a cannot-be-missed dish during Tet holiday.

Vietnamese pickled onions also serve as a natural medicine for better digestion after high protein meals. The typical aromatic, crispy and sour taste of pickled onions going with fat jellied meat and tasty sticky rice cake awakens the Tet atmosphere in every family dinner.

Vietnamese pork bologna

Vietnamese pork bologna

Pork bologna or silk pork is a dish in a daily meal of Vietnamese people. It tastes like ham or sausage in Western countries.  With ground pork and seasoning wrapped by banana leaf, it is a popular dish on Tet holiday in three regions of Vietnam. Eating with Vietnamese pickled onion, this dish will be yummier.

In conclusion

Tet holiday or Lunar New Year holiday is an occasion that people can relax and enjoy free time after a hard-working year. Preparing a lot of dishes and have a meal together is a unique cultural identity in Vietnam. Each region will have some popular dishes on the Tet holiday. However, all of the Vietnamese traditional food recommended above normally have in three regions of Vietnam. Let’s try these dishes if you have a chance to visit Vietnam on this occasion!

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