It is called “green lung” or “precious gem”, Son Tra peninsula brings in endless beauty, with in rich flora and fauna. At the weekend, visiting Son Tra peninsula with drop sould into majestic nature that is a unforgettable in trip to decover Danang.

Conquering Son Tra peninsula by means of what?Visiting Son Tra peninsula to drop soul into majestic nature

Son Tra peninsula is located at son tra  distrist, the height is 693 meter above sea level, covering an area is 4.439 ha inland, far from the center of   city is 10km.If you want to conquer the beauty of Son Tra peninsula, tourist can use motorbike

Running through Han river then  turning over Pham Van Dong street, go straight is sea street,  Turn left Hoang Sa is up Son Tra peninsula

Covering Son Tra peninsula is green

Visiting Son Tra peninsula to drop soul into majestic nature

Come to Son Tra peninsula, you will be enjoyed the colour of green that covers space. The wind blows from mountain to beach,lauching view more far, feel the air is cool, pleasant and refreshing.At  the top of the mountain,  some clouds drift slightly, the majestic and wild nature of Son Tra peninsula .This makes it special only for this place. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Son Tra peninsula attracts tourists.

The noisy, bustle life of city makes a room for the peaceful of there.sometimes, we can encounter the image of monkey jumping from the branch to others branch with  a look of curiosity when seeing visitors. Or birds sing to tune into the sound of the murmuring streams make up the love song of the forest.

Son Tra Peninsula possesses rich and diverse flora and fauna. Including 289 species of tall grasses belonging to 217 genera, 90 families. There are 287 mammal species, 106 bird species and 15 rare wildlife species that need conservation.

At the top of the mountain, lauching view far, tourist can see five mountain peek that is Ngu hanh Son, Cu Lao Cham in the southeast, Han river is romantic in the west, Hai Van Son  in the north hiding in the fog smudged the beauty of ecstasy.

Attractive destination of Son Tra peninsula

Son Tra is a place that attract hundred thousand visitors to visit with famous destination. That is :

1.Linh Ung pagoda

Visiting Son Tra peninsula to drop soul into majestic nature

It is located at the top of mountain that depends on Bai but, Son TRa peninsula, Danang, Linh Ung pagoda brings the inherent tradition  of pagodas in vietnam. Witness the Buddha statue, located right in front of the temple, up to 67 meters high.

Statue of the Buddha has a very important meaning in the spiritual life of the Vietnamese. This is a symbol of good luck, belief in human life.

In addition, coming to Linh Ung pagoda, visitors will be peacefully in harmony, temporarily put aside all the troubles of daily life to the side, it is an unforgettable moment when visiting Son Tra Peninsula.

2. Ban Co Tien peek

Located at 700m above sea level, Tien Ban Mountain is one of the highest peaks in Son Tra peninsula. Placed on the top of the Board, beautiful soul spread out before the eyes of tourists to love.

Feeling great and interesting when playing chess with De Thich among huge space to enjoy the feeling of paradise. Facing this beautiful scene, many tourists have taken advantage of the phone and check out the picturesque shimmering scenes of this beautiful place.

Besides 2 destinations at Son Tra peninsula , there  are also Vong Canh hill. Dong Dinh art Museum.At the foot of Son Tra Mountain, there are still pristine coastlines such as Tien Sa beach, Noi beach, Rua beach, Con beach, Tram beach.

Beautiful Son Tra peninsula is fascinating to know how many visitors visit. At times tired, want to go to Mother Nature here would certainly be the right choice. Embrace and breathe the air here, the daily life sorrows forget about it. Still hesitant not carry bags back and make travel to Danang enjoy the space Son Tra peninsula.

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