Recent years, people have not been just only travelled or relaxed in the luxury hotel. They have tended to explore the local culture and people. Therefore, the demand to find a local buddy to travel is higher and higher. Especially, in the developing country, the localism is significant.

It is the same with Vietnam. Local lifestyle in Vietnam is so unique with the featured culture and people. To experience and understand the localism, you are better to have a local buddy show you around the town. In this article, we will give you a few sites to find a local buddy to travel to Danang city where there are so many cultural destinations and a varies cuisine.

local buddy to travel

Have a local buddy to travel and explore the interesting corners in town – Source: Meander With Meg. provides young and qualified local buddy to travel team has an enthusiasm and dynamic team. It is one of the best choices when choosing a local buddy to travel in the central of Vietnam. Their passion and love for the fascinating area help them approach the tourists’ wishes and needs so closely. Therefore, they get a highly recommended on TripAdvisor.

To find a local buddy to travel, you can book a private tour on the By that way, you will get supported to explore your wish destinations. As a local, your buddy will understand the culture and people clearly. Therefore, you will not need to worry about the trip. Just pack your bag and follow the buddy to be ready for the interesting adventure. provides tours with bicycles, motorbikes, army jeeps. They even provide the boat or cruise trips if your wish requires. That is the reason why this group of local buddies attracts so many tourists.

local buddy to travel

Experience like a local by finding a local buddy to travel in Danang – Source: provide mostly private tours. Therefore, it is more convenient and easier for tourists to understand the local culture. Besides, you might hear the famous stories about your destination. However, there are always the untold stories that must be more attractive than what you have heard on the internet. That is what provides to the tourists to bring true local experiences. Moreover, the buddies will take you to the traditional area in which they are producing traditional products. You will have a chance to see how the traditional products are made. It is the result of the fact that there are more and more tourists enjoy the local experience than just travelling.

To contact for a local buddy to travel in the central of Vietnam by using this services, see more at

“Onetrip” with a local buddy to travel on

As the localization of Airbnb to Vietnam, the site has published. It not only provides the property services but also gives tourists the local experience by Onetrip with a local buddy to travel in Vietnam. Onetrip service of Christina’s now is available in Sai Gon, Da Lat, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Hue, Ha Noi and Da Nang. They are one of the most uniquely local culture destinations in Vietnam. When you come to Danang, Christina’s also has a young and qualifies local buddy team to accompany with your trip.

local buddy to travel

Follow the guy of a local buddy to travel like a local – Source: Hanoi Free Local Tours

Onetrip will take you to the most popular places in the town as the other buddy group. However, the most interesting experience with Onetrip that you can have is travelling like a local. It does not only simply come and see the natural beauty of a destination but also explore the local lifestyle and their daily life activities. Furthermore, you will have a chance to listen to the local stories which have never been told on the internet.

Onetrip in Danang now has the food trips to explore the local cuisine. The traditional and street food in Danang has been famous not only in the country but around the world. Therefore, Onetrip has used its advantages to make the food trip so that tourists can not only taste the delicious dishes but also know their cooking process. Furthermore, Onetrip also has a local buddy to travel team to take you to explore the natural and historical beauty of Danang city.

With Onetrip, it is not only simply a trip but also a cultural adventure. To contact with a local buddy to travel with Christina’s, see more at

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Find a local buddy to travel like a local – Source: Rei Adventure.

Find a local buddy to travel to Danang on is an information website that helps you to find a local buddy to travel. With a young, enthusiastic and dynamic buddy team, Lodyhelp will bring to you a chance to explore and experience Danang city like a local.

Besides, base on the information platform, provides tips for tourists who come to Vietnam for the first time or plan to stay in Vietnam for a long-term period. The main information has is about travel like a local. With the information in the “Trends in local”, you will be clear with what happening in the local at the time. Moreover, it also brings to you an overview of the local entertainment and trending. Furthermore, you will be updated with the local events that the local are looking forwards, in which you can easily build your local network. Additionally, the “Lifehack” information will shock you with the amazing culture in the local. They are the tips in the daily life of the local. It is also about the interesting stories in real life that only the local knows.

local buddy to travel

Enjoy like a local with a local buddy to travel – Source: Dreamstime.

With those interesting information that they have collected for the website, a local buddy to travel of Lodyhelp will definitely impress you by the unique local experience. However, for now, has not provided local buddy to travel yet. They are now having a buddy team to help foreigners find the right property in Danang. As the information they have published, local buddy services will be available in next year. This would be a worth-waiting service if you are planning to come to explore the Vietnam culture at that time.

Website to contact for a local buddy to travel:


These are the websites to find a local buddy to travel in Danang that local people are prefering this year. We are updating the list of websites for 2019. Do not forget to check it out at to have a wonderful trip to Vietnam!


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