Nhà cho thuê ở Cẩm Thanh, thành phố Hội An, tỉnh Quảng Nam.

Catalouge Details
Address Cam Thanh, Hoi An
Type of real estate Whole house for rent
Total area 200m2
Year of construction 2012
Number of bedrooms (area of each room) 2
Living room 1
Kitchen ( kitchen equipment) 1( Fully equipped)
Balcony included
Garden Large, cool
Television 1 (inside bedroom)
Air conditioners 2 (inside bedroom)
Fridge 1
Electricity price Stated price
Water/ wifi  Stated price
Washing machine 1
Toilets 2 (one both inside and outside bedroom)
Located near: – Cam Thanh Coconut Village tourist area

–  Ancient town 3km

Rent period
Price rent/ month 450 USD
Method of payment (month/time) make payment due to contract
Other –          near Cua Dai Beach about 2km

–          Far away from Hoi An Ancient town 2km

–        in the centre of Cam Thanh Coconut Village tourist area