It is not naturally that motorbike becomes the most popular vehicle in Vietnam. The road conditions, the convenience, and the experience that driving a motorbike brings to you while exploring amazing Vietnam is so wonderful. Therefore, if you are planning to go to Da Nang city then explore the other places in this country, the more preferable option is to buy a motorbike in Vietnam. Riding a motorbike along the street from the center to the north or the south of Vietnam would be the most awesome experience ever!

Hereunder, we show you some tips to have a good motorbike transaction.

Which type of motorbike should you buy in Da Nang?

Due to the high demand for motorbike in Vietnam, there are different types of this vehicle. It does not mention about different designs, colors, and so on. Thus, to choose the right motorbike, it might cause you some confusion.

To buy a motorbike in Da Nang, you should consider these three motorbike brands including Nouvo (Yamaha), Honda Win, and Wave Alpha.

wave alpha is a good choice to buy motorbike da nang

Wave Alpha from Honda – Image: Honda Vietnam.

Nouvo is the automatic machine that would be easier for you to drive. However, it uses a bigger volume of petrol than two others. If you travel from Da Nang to Hue by motorbike, Nouvo is a good option since the road is not too dangerous. Moreover, the distance between these two cities is not too far. Thus Nouvo can help you out. You also can see the amazing scenery with mountains, ocean, and so many interesting things.

buy motorbike da nang with a nouvo

Nouvo from Yahama – Image: Luong Dung – Vnexpress.

Honda Win and Wave Alpha use manual machines but they save petrol. Especially, Honda Win is the perfect choice for mountain roads since the machine is strong. Thus, it is better to choose these two brands if you want to buy a motorbike in Da Nang to travel along the Vietnam road.

buy motorbike da nang with a honda win

Honda Win is the most preferable option of travelers to Vietnam – Photo: Amanda Phung.

What needs to prepare when you buy a motorbike in Da Nang?

Vietnam regulations have clear terms regarding owning a vehicle for foreigners in Vietnam. However, most of the travelers come and buy a motorbike in Da Nang illegal. Hereunder, we list two cases of buying a motorbike.

In order to buy a motorbike legally in Da Nang, you need to live in Vietnam for more than one year. After spending an amount of money to buy a motorbike from the showroom, you need to come to the Traffic Police Department to register. This department has the office in every province or city. Thus, you do not need to go to other bigger cities for this process.

buy motorbike da nang legally will ask you for some document process

Buy legal motorbike will give you more guarantee – Image: Showrom Vinh Truong.

To work with the Traffic Polic Department, you need to have these following:

– Vehicle registration certificate: They will give you a sample of this document. You just need to fill it out.

– Papers of the vehicle’s owner: You will need your valid passport. And permanent or temporary residence card is required which proves that you have been living in Vietnam for more than one year. Moreover, you also need to submit your working permit in Vietnam, or reference from your company here.

– Vehicle documents: You need to submit all the documents which are related to your transaction such as invoice or contract. You might show your vehicle registration fee.

There is another easier way that most of the travelers to Vietnam usually do. It is to buy a motorbike in Da Nang illegally. You will not need to prepare anything else but money. The vehicle’s owner will give you a motorbike with a key. However, there will not have any legal documents related to the vehicle such as registration certificate or contracts, so on.

buy motorbike da nang at a second hand store

Secondhand motorbike is the most popular transaction of travelers to Vietnam – Image: Nguyen Quang Motorbike.

How about the insurances?

All insurances are only valid if you buy a motorbike in Da Nang legally. Thus, all those following information is just for the case when you buy a vehicle legally. The motorbike insurance is required for each of every motorbike in Vietnam. With this insurance, once there is an accident happen with you, the insurance company will pay all or make a partial payment for the damage including human and vehicle damage for the third party. It depends on how much the damage is, the amount of payment will be decided. However, all the damage for you and your vehicle will not be included in this insurance payment.

buy motorbike da nang with insurance

A legal transaction will allow you to buy insurance for your motorbike.


Have a motorbike rental in Da Nang is not a bad choice. However, it limits you that it is difficult to ride your motorbike to other provinces such as the north or the south of Vietnam. Thus, buy a motorbike in Da Nang will be a good choice if you are planning to explore along Vietnam.

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