When we go to any city to travel, we tend to worry about the trip before starting because we do not know well about the roads, traffic there and will have some problem with this. However, coming to Da Nang city, you do not need to worry about anything. Da Nang people will become your guides whenever you need.

Da Nang people, friendly and enthusiastic

Da Nang people are good, enthusiastic guides for visitors

Da Nang people are friendly and enthusiastic.

If we refer to the people of Da Nang, we will think of people who are simple, unaffected, friendly and enthusiastic. The simple in Da Nang people is manifested in everyday of their life, ranging from speech to gesture. Especially with visitors coming to Da Nang, they will feel more clearly about the friendliness and enthusiasm of the people of here.

Da Nang people, good guides for visitors

Da Nang people are good, enthusiastic guides for visitors

Da Nang people guide visitors enthusiastically.

Perhaps those who once came to Da Nang will be completely conquered by the warmth and enthusiasm of people here. Everybody, from the old to the young, from street vendors to taxi driver, from ordinary people to traffic policeman, are ready to step down their time, listen to questions of visitors. Just show them a street name or a destination, everyone is guided dedicatedly.

Or sometimes, visitors are standing alone, fumble at a traffic light because of being lost, Da Nang people will ask them very enthusiastic. And then may have a “free trip” to bring visitors back to where they want to go.

In addition, cuisine is a thing that travelers want to explore when coming to Da Nang. And of course, you are unable to know where to eat and what is the best food in Da Nang for the first time visiting this city. So the best way to find help is ask Da Nang people. The “My Quang” must eat at this restaurant, the “pork rolls” should eat at that restaurant … That are what you will get when asking people of Da Nang. They will show you the good and famous restaurants enthusiastically for helping travelers discover completely the cuisine here.

Perhaps in the tourist cities nationwide, Danang still makes a good impression in the hearts of tourists by itself. Not only because of beautiful scenery, clean streets but also people here are very friendly and enthusiastic. So, if you are going to travel to Da Nang but have not much experience, do not be too hesitate because Da Nang people will support you to have the most enjoyable and memorable experience.

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