Danang is well-known as a peaceful city but have you ever enjoyed the vibrant nightlife of this coastal city? Not only central bars with crowds, but it also offers a variety of bars giving off different ambiance. Hereunder is a list of top 7 best bars in Danang. Ranging from the rooftop bars to the beach club, it provides hot spots for a great hangout night with friends.

best bars in danang sky36 chillingSky 36 is one of the most fabulous best bars in Danang – Photo: Sky 36 Fanpage.

Best bars in Danang: Bars and Lounges

Sky 36

It would be a miss not mentioning Sky 36 on the list because this is one of the best bars in Danang with an amazing view. Sky 36 is the highest rooftop bar in Vietnam located on the 36th floor of the five-star Novotel Hotel. It features with colorful neon-lit fixtures, outdoor bar with lavish live shows, private VIP lounges, and top-notch services. Especially, the bar offers breathtaking views of the city stretching from the Han river to majestic Monkey mountain in the distance.

best bars in danang sky36 fireworkWatch the fireworks from the Sky 36 is an amazing experience – Photo: Sky 36 Fanpage.

Sky 36 has the most modern audiovisual system, the music varies from EDM to hip-hop and the stage that dancers keep the party never stops. Being the most luxurious bar in the city, the price follows the high-end services. Note that without VAT and service charge, you’ll pay around 150,000 VND for imported beers and 220,000 VND for cocktails. On some special occasions, this swanky bar hosts unique themed parties, live performances, fireworks displays and so on.

best bars in danang sky36 djChill out on the top of the city – Photo: Sky 36 Fanpage.

Sky 21

Also a great rooftop bar in Danang, Sky 21 has proved it’s a competitive alternative compared with Sky 36. Be No.1 Danang nightlife on Tripadvisor, Sky 21 has gained lots of love from locals as well as travelers.

best bars in danang sky21 viewSky 21 is a notable bar with a great view – Photo: Tripadvisor.

Sit on the 21st floor of Belle Maison Parosand Danang Hotel, the bar offers fantastic outdoor space with a spectacular view of the sea and the city. Moreover, it still provides great services at a cheaper price more than in Sky 36. It serves some authentic Vietnamese snacks and delicious cocktails beside popular beers and wines.

best bars in danang sky21 setupSky 21 has a cozy ambiance and friendly service – Photo: Tripadvisor.

On the other hand, unlike regular bars in Danang with strong music, Sky 21 has live music performances every night. Most of them are gentle music shows. Therefore, it’s a good place to chill in the melodious music and relax. In addition, the friendly and polite staff is what makes it one of the best bars in Danang.

On The Radio Bar

As a famous live music venue in the city, On The Radio Bar is always full of people, especially youngsters. Therefore, you should book a table in advance. Despite the small space and simple exterior, once you step inside it’s a totally different atmosphere. There are pool tables lining up the front where you can have fun matches with friends. Besides, the chairs are close to each other so it gives a cozy ambiance.

best bars in danang on the radio live musicOn The Radio Bar is famous with live music performance every night – Photo: On The Radio Fanpage.

Every day, there is live music on the stage with amazing bands and singers. It’s not much room for dancing so people coming here to chill with the lively music overhead. Furthermore, after 10 PM, you can have a chance to show your singing talent with an open mic session. In case you’re a fan of heavier music, there are bands performing Rock music on the weekends. Focus on music performances so the bar offers popular drinks at a reasonable price.

best bars in danang on the radio ambianceThe festive atmosphere of the bar – Photo: On The Radio Fanpage.

Best bars in Danang: Pubs

The City Pub

The City Pub is a popular destination for local youngsters. However, it gets more and more love from travelers and visitors for its good service, drinks, and food. Located on Tran Phu street, the main road of Danang, the bar is so easy to reach. It has the modern and captivating European design with an airy outdoor space equipped with high chairs and tables.

best bars in danang city pub outsideCity Pub is airy with the outdoor space – Photo: The City Pub Fanpage.

What makes this bar is special is live music performances. It has Live Acoustic Music from 8:15 PM to 10:15 PM and the Live DJ Music from 10:30 PM to 11:30 PM. Therefore, you can feel relaxing with light music while enjoying delicious drinks. Moreover, the special selection of cocktails made by the skilled bartenders is also a plus. In case you come in the Happy Hour (6 – 10 PM every day), it’s a “buy 1 get 1 free”!

best bars in danang city pub overviewIt’s located in the city center so it’s easy to reach the spot – Photo: The City Pub Fanpage.

Universal Pub

Located on Bach Dang street with a great view of Dragon Bridge, Universal Pub is one of the best bars in Danang. It’s outstanding with glittering lights hang in the frontage. Opposite to the poetic and tranquil Han river, the bar is airy and gives off a pleasant vibe. In particular, the upstairs has interesting indoor activities like pool tables, table football, darts, drinking wheels, billiards, etc so you can have fun matches with friends. Sometimes, you can even win many prizes.

best bars in danang universal table footballUniversal Pub has lots of interesting indoor activities – Photo: Universal Pub Fanpage.

Besides, the pub offers 4 large TV screens for sports lovers can watch any games. On the weekends, you can watch the amazing water and fire breathing performance at Dragon bridge from here. On top of all, the food is really a thing! Due to the foreign owners, Universal Pub provides a menu consisting of impressive Western dishes and Vietnamese traditional cuisines. Some days, they hold the Karaoke night so you’ll have a chance to show off your voice in an eventful ambiance. For an exciting Danang nightlife, Universal Pub is an ideal choice.

best bars in danang universal karaokeKaraoke night is one of the fantastic activities of the pub – Photo: Universal Pub Fanpage.

Best bars in Danang: Clubs

New Phuong Dong Club

Being the most famous and largest club in Danang, little do people know, New Phuong Dong Club has been operating since 1994. It offers an enormous space with 3 dance floors and one big performance stage in the center. Just from outside, you can be amazed by the sparkling led lights, red carpets, and many other luxurious decorations. But once you step inside, it’s more than that. The extravagant laser lights, blasting EDM music, and high quality LED screens making it become the most thrilling club you ever know.

best bars in danang new phuong dong audio systemNew Phuong Dong is famous as the best bar in the city – Photo: New Phuong Dong Club Fanpage.

With the most audio-visual system and professional artists, DJs, dancers, there are different shows every night. Hence, you’ll never feel bored. In case you prefer privacy, book a VIP room in advance.

New Phuong Dong Club gives a festive and friendly atmosphere so the dance floor is always packed with people dancing on the non-stop music theme. To experience the most vibrant Danang nightlife, don’t miss this exhilarating one.

best bars in danang new phuong dong pole dancingIt has unique shows every night – Photo: New Phuong Dong Club Fanpage.

Apocalypse Now Beach Club

Tired of crowded and noisy best bars in Danang? Apocalypse Now Beach Club gives off a totally different atmosphere for your chilling night. Right on the beach with a great seaside view and fresh air, the club is decorated in a homely design with an open space overlooking the beach. Especially, admiring the breathtaking sea view in the sunset is a must try.

best bars in danang apocalypse atmosphereThe vibrant ambiance at Apocalypse Now Beach Club – Photo: Apocalypse Now Beach Club Fanpage.

As a fantastic place, Apocalypse Now not only offers superb cocktails but also tasty food. Pay it a visit to enjoy the cool air, take a sip of the drink while feeling the sound of waves and cool breezes. Furthermore, there will some live music nights with a cozy ambiance. Therefore, it brings a relaxing atmosphere to unwind and heal your soul after a long day. In addition, the owners are gracious and hospitable as well. Stop by and you will have unforgettable memories here.

best bars in danang apocalypse musicThe club is airy and spacious with an open space overlooking the beach – Photo: Apocalypse Now Beach Club Fanpage.

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