Danang is known as a “worth living city”. I am sure that you have heard this name many times. However, have you ever wonder why many people call it “the worth living city”?Danang - a worth living city

When you come to Danang, you will have chance to enjoy numerous charming places. Especially, the famous luxury resorts have made it more attractive and become one of “worth living cities”

1.Generous and friendly peopleDanang - a worth living city

Da Nang people have been loved for their generosity, politeness and kindness. If you get lost, they are willing to show you the way. If you come to Danang for the first time, they are willing to show you the delicious and cheap restaurants. Especially the people here are always generous, and smiling. This is where everyone feels comfortable when visiting.

2. Countless kinds of delicious foodDanang - a worth living city

Not only being famous for friendly and kind people, but Danang is also famous for its cuisine. If you have chance to visit Da Nang, you should try fourty different tasteful specialties.

Variety kinds of products, freshness but reasonable prices would bring satisfaction to the visitors.

3. Attractive destinationsDanang - a worth living city

Due to the benefits that nature offers for Danang, it has been one of the most tourist attractions in our country. From Ba Na modern resort with cool and fresh air to the Dragon Bridge which can breathe fire and sprinkling.

When visiting Da Nang, tourists not only enjoy the food, scenery here but also visit other famous places nearby. You can visit Hoi An, or Lang Co or move to Hue to enjoy the taste of the ancient capital.

4. Ideal place to invest in real estateDanang - a worth living city

As we have mentioned, Danang is a perfect place to visit or stay for a long time. So buildings or luxury resorts are extremely necessary.

Although these reasons cannot completely prove that Danang is a worth living city, this place is constantly develop to improve itself. Let’s come and enjoy it !

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