Da Nang is  developing in tourism,that  the luxury apartment for rent is  increasing is easy to understand. Do you want to come to Da Nang to visit, travel and to find yourself an apartment to stay in the future ? Do you have any requirements for the apartment that  you want to rent? Price, area, number of rooms, location, …?

Here is a luxury apartment for rent  in Da Nang we would like to introduce to you. Please refer to it as it is the apartment you are looking for

The standards should be needed to rent  luxury apartments in the city center

Luxury apartment for rent at price of only $ 230 in the Da Nang city centre

First of all you need to consider a few criteria to help you find luxury apartment for rent, which is suitable for use, that is:

Apartment location

To stay in a short or long term, you also need to pay attention to its location.  What is it location?, Which direction is suitable to you ? How does the facilities such as hospital, police, school,… connect to your life ? The more convenient your apartment is, the better you feel.

Interior furniture in the  apartment

What are the local amenities such as: elevator, car park, security area, playground for children … in the apartment you intend to rent? You need to understand all of these issues to evaluate that apartment.

The architecture design of the apartment

Design of apartments for rent which must full interior such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom … is suitable, easy and reasonable to see, perfect harmony in color and direction.

Quality of Management Services

Quality of management services must meet the criteria of security and professionalism to deal with unfortunate situations. CCTV system in all areas of the building such as lobby, corridor, common living space … . The security staff are on duty 24/24 to ensure a safe life for people.

Luxury apartment for rent at price of only $ 230 in the Da Nang city centre


Luxury apartment for rent at price of only $ 230 in the Da Nang city centre



Căn hộ cho thuê sang trọng chỉ 230$ tại trung tâm thành phố Đà Nẵng


Luxury apartment for rent at price of only $ 230 in the Da Nang city centre


Luxury apartment for rent at price of only $ 230 in the Da Nang city centre


Based on the criteria of luxury apartment for rent in Da Nang we introduce you a cheap apartment for only $ 230 but extremely luxurious and comfortable. Here are some information about the apartment you can refer to:

Address: Tran Binh Trong, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Total area: 50m2

Year of construction: 2014

Number of bedrooms: 1

Living room: 1

Kitchen: 1 (gas stove, kettle, other kitchen equipments are prepared by the guest

Terrace / Drying yard: Drying area on the terrace

Parking: at a near by hotel

TV: Not Available

Air Conditioner / Freezer / Heater: 1

Electricity price: 2.500 VND / unit

Water fee: According to state prices

Location: near city center, market, supermarket, hospital, school

Rental price per month: 5.000.000VND / month

Deposit : 1 month

Method of payment (months / time): 3 months / time

With the facilities, furniture, the number of rooms in the apartment, it seems that this apartment is suitable for travelers from 1-2 people. If you are in need of such an apartment, save a little money to travel more, please contact us immediately.

In addition, we also have more apartments for rent, other houses for rent  at  price ranging from $ 200 – $ 2000. Depending on your  ability and needs, let us know what you need about the apartment, we will give you the apartment lists that suit you and guide you to that apartment..

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