The first impression of the Ngu Hanh Son Mountains (The Marble Mountains) are five elements mountains located in the same place. Ngu Hanh Son Mountain is not only a chain of mountains, it is also the place where people and nature live together. When you come to Da Nang, you cannot miss Ngu Hanh Son Mountain.

Ngu Hanh Son Mountain – a Vietnamese historical and cultural vestigeA marvelous marble mountains in Da Nang - Ngu Hanh Son Mountain

Ngu Hanh Son Mountains is located in Hoa Khue Village, Son Thuy Hamlet, Hoa Vang District, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang.

Ngu Hanh Son is a popular tourist destination in Da Nang. Each mountain is named after five elements such as mental, wood, water, fire and earth. These five names were used nearly 200 years ago by the Emperor Minh Mang.

There is a myth of this range of mountain in Cham culture. According to that myth, there is a huge dragon egg lied here which is buried in sand by Kim Quy (the Golden Turtle God). It was looked after by an old fishmen. After that, the egg hatched into a beautiful girl. The fragments of eggshell formed 5 pieces look like: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Finally that this girl married with the King of Cham and this old fishmen passed away.

This Marble Mountain connected to the culture and history of the Vietnamese people from the beginning of the 14th century. This place also contains many artworks as well as typical structures of our country

Ngu Hanh Son Mountain with “Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth”

Kim (Metal), Moc (Wood), Thuy (Water), Hoa (Fire) and Tho (Earth) is known as five main elements of the universe. The number “5” plays an important role in the Eastern Culture. Here, we will introduce you five elements mountains in Ngu Hanh Son Mountain.

Kim Son Mountain (Metal)

Kim Son Mountain is located in the southeast, in bank of the Co Co (Cổ Cò) river. Some impressive characteristics of Kim Son Mountain:

In the foot of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara there is a dragon rolls between the waves. Behind the Bodhisattva is Thien Tai (Thiện Tài) and on the left is a peacock spreading wings. All are natural carvings, stalactite create special space.A marvelous marble mountains in Da Nang - Ngu Hanh Son Mountain

Moc Son Mountain ( Wood)

Moc Son Mountain is located in the east, near the beach, near Thuy Son Mountain. The east and the south side are sandy, the north is wide field and the west is the peaceful village. Characteristics of Moc Son:

– Little trees, no temples.

– The top of the stone is cut into saw like a chicken wart.

– there is a white marble rock called Co Mu (Cô Mụ).

Thuy Son Mountain (Water)A marvelous marble mountains in Da Nang - Ngu Hanh Son mountain

Thuy Son Mountain in the northeast is the highest and most marvelous mountain. Some special features of Thuy Son are:

– It is famous for 2 main pagodas: the first one is Linh Ung Pagoda with white sitting Buddha statue, leaning on the mountain and facing the temple. And the second one is Tam Thai pagoda, which holds the autographed of Emperor Minh Mang praising Buddhism.

– Huyen Khong Cave and Am Phu Cave

Hoa Son Mountain (Fire)

Hoa Son is located on the bank of the Co Co river, including Duong Hoa Son in the west near Kim Son Mountain and Am Hoa Son in the. Here are the specific characteristics of this mountain:

– Have 3 large Chinese characters “Duong Hoa Son” carved on the rock.

– have caves and Pho Son Da Temple.

– The high mountain in the east of Am Hoa Son, special arrangement

Tho Son Mountain (Earth)

Tho Son is located in Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang. Tho Son has some special features:

– Look like a dragon lying on the sand.

– have some rocks on the top and on the east side, some trees because of extensive damages

– According to legends, Tho Son is a place of spirituality where Cham people live.

– At the foot of the mountain there are Long Hoa pagoda, Hue Quang pagoda and vestiges of a tunnel called Ben Ngu.

These are the main characteristics of five elements mountains of Ngu Hanh Son. To see the beauty of Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, you need to visit all of five  mountains. Each place has a different scenery with distinct features. Only when you set foot on these places can you feel beauty here!

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